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52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2013

i’m fortunate enough to play the role of mama full-time come friday, declaring it our day to take on whatever it is we please. realizing this babe isn’t growing any slower, i’ve made a conscious effort to push aside all those insignificant distractions and get down and dirty. and boy has this summer been good to us!  we’ve given it our all the past couple of months, filling our days with adventures both near and far from home. and most importantly, we’ve learned to chill out and march to the beat of our own drum.

to go out with a bang, we spent this past friday exploring the philadelphia zoo and were lucky enough to have paulie join in the fun. it’s been years since i’ve been, and it proved to be the perfect playground for an energized toddler who refused the stroller and repeatedly asked to touch everything that moved. you’re pretty cute kid! so much so that i think we’ll stick to spending our friday’s packed with spontaneity, as there’s always later to catch up with reality. and to all you stay at home mama’s out there, my hat’s off to you, cause lets not kid ourselves, not every friday is as magical as this past one (wink).