guide to – gifts


retail is definitely one of my therapies, so its a good thing this gift giving season coincides with the chaos in my life as of late. as always, i’ve been scouring for all the perfect gifts and have been quite inspired and happy with all my internet purchases. while i cross off my list and check it twice, here are a few of my favorite finds for my girls…circle 21 soy candle > gold glitter letter sticker set > wishbone bottle opener > small leather pouch > linen mercy tee > lidded mini basket > for my guy…body scrub soap-on-a-rope > quarry backpack > usb phone charger > thermos > slouchy beanie hat > plain-toe boots > for my baby…knit pillow > miss flora fox > the cat at night > ice cream set > sweatshirt dress > crayons > rain boots > doll stroller > pillow

guide to – giving thanks


dinnerware / glassware / flatware / linen
linen / flatware / dinnerware / glassware
glassware / linen / dinnerware / flatware

i must confess, thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday for so many reasons: the crisp chill in the air and colorful leaves on the ground, the livelihood of the macy’s day parade and santa coming to town, a crowded house filled with family both old + young, holiday music completing with football fan cheers, warm fires, the obnoxious amount of yummy food to chow on, the delicious smell of warm desserts, giving thanks, pollyanna pickings and the anticipation of christmas madness in full effect come morning…to say the least, thanksgiving totally warms my heart! in our house, there’s too many people to seat around one table, so buffet style it is. grab a plate, snag a seat wherever you can squeeze in and fill your belly as many times as you wish. just the way i like it! and just like our dinner party antics, why not mix + match your wares for a casual yet beautiful cornucopia of color + material + texture. can’t wait!

guide to – seasonal style

2013.10.14 Fall Style

mama: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
mini: 9 / 10 / 11

i live for layering. and since i’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, fall is definitely my season for style. bring on the sweaters, scarves + hats and let’s not forget about accessorizing the parts that don’t need covering up just yet. i say the more the merrier! and while i’m at it, i prefer to stay true to the season and stand by a muted palette. the monochromatic loves above include a few things i wouldn’t mind layering on myself and of course a few little things for my mini.

guide to – back to school

2013.09.09 Back To School

i’m a sucker for pretty things with an obsessive compulsive disorder for organization. obviously this hits hard come september. unfortunately lisa frank and trapper keeper are no longer in question, so here are a few things that would make my big girl desk happy…

1 graphic, over scaled, black + white: sold >>> 2 a pretty pop of neon to house my mouse >>> 3 something so sleek encourages me to stay hydrated >>> 4 duh! >>> 5 to stay stylish behind the screen >>> 6 to keep me powered up while blog rolling on the train >>> 7 cause you can never have enough sketch books for ideas on the go >>> 8 this could rock all my wears >>> 9 and if i had a million dollars, i’d commute with this suede beauty slung over my shoulder >>> 10 to find those keys more easily >>> 11 a knot so cool you want to touch it >>> 12 my go-to tool of choice, can’t leave home without one