iris apfel

i’ve always admired style icon iris apfel, but it wasn’t until watching her today show interview yesterday that i fell in love with this adorably sweet woman. aside from the fact that she takes up modeling in her spare time, she’s just like any other soft spoken woman of 90. iris prides herself on ’embracing the authenticity of aging’ and made a statement of herself this past january when she became the face of mac cosmetics launching a collection of bird-inspired bold lipsticks which flew off the shelves. we should all take a page out of iris’s book and become ‘our own beauty icon’. 

‘if you’re lucky enough to get old, you should celebrate it’…and that she sure does. those glasses. i die! 

blog ‘lovin’

have you met the adorably talented sisters and team over at a beautiful mess yet!? i’ve been stalking them for years. elsie not only  owns a boutique, but runs a successful blog that ‘focuses on creating a beautiful life.’ i love that she mixes it up between styling, handmade projects, recipes, photography, decor, etc. you get the point, she’s a never ending resource of inspiration. the graphic eye candy’s had me hooked!  

elsie’s sister emma contributes recipes on top of keeping up with her own blog food coma. her sweet treats look to die for. i’ve especially been drawn to her speciality drinks, as i’ve got a craving for anything liquid these days. here are a few that look absolutely delicious with links to make on your own!

strawberry boba slushie

spiced apple cider

salted caramel hot chocolate
funfetti milkshake
ice-cream included?! we’re definitely trying this last one at home tonight. have a sweet weekend!