currently – black


currently: in the christmas spirit! december screams warmth and socialization and we can’t seem to get enough adventure under our belts. whether we cozy up by the tree at home or take on the city’s lights, the company of each other seems to be all the matters. our shopping is finished and i’m savoring every last minute of this most wonderful time of the year. may your christmas be very merry!

currently – black


currently a year older: as of yesterday.

currently anticipating: the arrival of said birthday present!

currently packing: (well not quite yet) for a little getaway alone with my dude come next week.

currently dreaming: of getting lost in a city with no plans, no responsibilities, and no one but each other (a few exceptions may apply).

currently questioning: my contributions to this space and not sure what 2015 holds.

currently – black


currently excited: about having some of our canadian cousins conveniently relocated to the big apple. they’re now only a quick car ride away and some of the coolest cats we’re lucky enough to call family. the perfect excuse to escape to the hustle + bustle on a more frequent basis for some major play dates.

currently taking on: the role of mama two mornings a week. i’ve been spoiled by sitters who show up at our door minutes before i walk out it each morning. while it’s super convenient, i crave the responsibility of starting my day with logan. i’m taking over now that she’s enrolled in nursery school two days a week. i’m in charge of wardrobe, breakfast and walking lo through her classroom door. it doesn’t sound like much but i’ll savor what time i can get.

currently anticipating: the first day of fall + all the yummy flavors and activities that come with it. by far my favorite season of all, along with the rest of the universe.

currently curating:  our fall wardrobe. i’m ditching what hasn’t been worn in seasons, keeping our tried + true favorites and filling in the gaps with new pieces we only absolutely adore. i’m sticking with this years motto of less is more, as it’s proven to make life feel more balanced and less stressful. something should be said for still feeling great nine months in. expect to see us layered in monochromatic textures + stripes this season.

currently black: from root to end and i’m unsure of how i feel about it. the ombre lived on for two years and honestly i feel uncomfortable without the messy edge.

currently – black

currently august

currently missing: my canadians (big and small) who recently spent a week visiting, exploring philly by day and playing kan jam by night. these are my siblings from another mother. or as close as it gets. the people who click and no matter where we last left off we pick back up as if times stood still. i’m lucky to call them mine and miss them like mad already.

currently scouring: the neighborhood for a ‘pre’ pre-school for miss lo. otherwise known as a glorified play group. while it has us rattled that we’ve reached this stage in the game, we definitely think our girl is ready to spread her wings and interact with like minded littles.

currently weaving: it’s creative. it’s cathartic. and i can do it in the wee hours of the night while catching up on trash tv. perfection at its finest! next up – a masculine masterpiece for a particular mini due this fall.

currently dreaming: of the city. i know, shut up already and move right?! we’re thinking it’s time to put all the talk to rest and dive in head first. now if only i weren’t allergic to change.

currently plotting: to spend a few more days poolside in the heat + humidity before this summer turns to fall. it’s flown by and honestly there hasn’t been many opportunities to bask in the sun. after all, this tan needs to last all winter long.

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june currently

currently enjoying: summertime. as my two year old pointed out last week. realistically we may have nineteen more days to go. but who cares as long as those dreary wet days are behind us. see ya later spring!

currently anticipating: this upcoming weekend filled with college friends from near and far. my beloved texans are coming to town, which means a long winded lady date is in order, along with another dear friend close to my heart that i don’t see nearly enough these years, sprinkled with my favorites who stuck around town, all for one big fat (not greek) wedding. these were and still are my people. i can’t wait to giggle my way through the weekend!

currently stoked: to get my weave on come june fourteenth. like super, super stoked! i pulled the trigger and signed up for one of maryanne moodie’s workshops in brooklyn. her work is amazing and i can’t wait to learn a new craft. and better yet, i convinced my brunette to come along for the ride. jackpot!

currently sprucing: an armoire i recently thrifted. i’ve been on the hunt for the prefect piece to complete our spare room and house all my secret weapons. a particular peach beauty called out my name. i foresee her sanded and filled with fibers a plenty.

currently booked: to fly south and get the heck out of dodge. you have no idea how excited i am to shut down in the hot sun on a sandy beach, and how excited lo is to meet the big mouse that resides in the sunshine state. the twenty sixth can’t come soon enough!

currently – black

currently may

currently giddy: from the weekend i got to spend alone with my better half. little miss lo headed to the beach while paulie and i stayed put and explored philly like the good old days. we missed our baby like crazy but enjoyed the uninterrupted attention. more reason to book that vacation.

currently downloading: american blogger. all the hoopla aside (cause i’ll wait to form my own opinion) i’m most excited to hear the real ‘voices’ behind so many ladies i’ve admired and followed over the years.

currently regretting: adding my beloved birkenstocks to the donate pile last fall. specifically the pair i bought abroad a few seasons back. they don’t call paris the fashion capital of the world for nothing. duh! guess i’ll be making a few online purchases. at least i know my size.

currently shopping: for a few new home furnishings + accessories. we’ve decided to stay put for the time being and could use a little freshening up. particularly in the rug department. oddly enough, this is no easy task for the designer in me. indecisive is my middle name.

currently encouraging: my dude to pick up his sticks and practice, practice, practice. the former pro in him is itching to give it another try and i can’t stress enough that us girls have his back. next week, the us open qualifier!

currently – black


currently cleaning: spring style. in other words, i purge the crap out of our unnecessary ish and my dude hauls it to the dumpster. we make for a good team. we’re halfway through the house and it already feels magical.

currently pushing: ten push ups! which i know is barely nothing, but these scrawny arms of mine couldn’t do one a few months back. peer pressure and late nights are paying off these days.

currently trapping: whatever it is that’s been scurrying across the attic floor come midnight. might i add that said floor is directly over our bed and makes for some interesting shenanigans on a somewhat nightly routine these days.

currently adoring: the little love affair between those two striped cuties. lo had endless kisses and a watchful eye over that cute dude this past weekend. fine by me kid, cause i’ve got a soft spot for that guys parental unit as well.

currently reading: here comes the easter cat. again and again and again. good thing the illustrations are adorable and the story is witty, said so by my little book monster herself who giggles every time that silly cat takes off. even better, the story ends with an ‘oh, good grief’!

currently – black


currently snowing: again! who knows, given that it’s march, this could be the last hurrah of the season. regardless, i’ll savor it while i can and enjoy another afternoon of snowman building. per request, a mama and baby snowman to be exact.

currently weaving: on a big girl loom with beautiful yarns opposed to elastic neon bands, which i’ll never deny for sparking this love affair. ladies this is where it’s at. i’ve started small and have big plans. to say the least, this cathartic craft has satisfied my itch. for now anyways.

currently boxing: logan first two years. i figure it’s best to get on it while she’s still itty bitty in the grand scheme of things. i have a box for each year with printed pictures, photo books, cards, art projects, sentimental chotskies, etc. you name it, i saved it. whether it’s more for myself than her is questionable, however i’d like to think she’ll appreciate the memories one day.

currently stepping out: into society past dark on a more frequent basis (thanks to eager grandparents). whether it be mid or week end, alone or with friends, it feels good to taste a bit of night life beyond our living room walls. and it’s been especially nice to catch up with friends without any distractions. the only downfall, once i’m out i never look back and hitting the pillow hard come two am isn’t the same as it used to be.

currently scheming: this years travel. there are thoughts of vacationing with friends, with family, alone as three and possibly even skipping the country as two. we’re dreaming big with high hopes, however anything adventuresome in the near future sounds nice right about now. did i mention it’s snowing again!

currently – black


currently snowing: again. right this very minute! while most get all frazzled about the weather wreaking havoc on their day-to-day, i welcome the beautiful white silence with open arms. if it’s going to be cold and grey, the ground might as well be covered giving me a real reason to bundle up and be lazy at home. which reminds me of where i’d rather be on this blistering cold day.

currently consigning: my little girls wears that have made their way through her little cuz and back again. of course i’m holding onto my most favorite and sentimental threads, and the sorting is bringing out my nostalgic ways, but who am i kidding, the next kid is gonna need a new wardrobe of his/her own.

currently obsessed: with the rainbow loom. embarrassing i know. but a particular friend is superb at gifting and has brought out the 10 year old in me. i’m keeping things sophisticated with a monochromatic palette and challenging weaves (thanks to a mature pair of little sisters) and i purchased myself a storage box this weekend cause a girl can’t help but be color coordinated and organized.

currently itching: to create. while i’m usually battling the winter blues right about now, this season seems to be different. i’m welcoming the chance to slow down and catch up and have actually found some free time with absolutely no commitments to fill. my pinterest diy board has been stagnantly sitting and i feel it’s time to keep calm and craft on!

currently watching: girls. it’s brutally honest and raunchy and i love it. i’m vicariously living the young single nyc girl life through the lives of these 4 lost soles and it makes me smirk all 30 minutes long.