painting my miniature’s wall took a bit longer than expected! but i guess that comes with the territory of being a perfectionist. an expanding belly didn’t help matters either. i laid out the pattern in cad, drew the lines by hand and went to town with a quarter inch paint brush. nuts, i know. i’ve gotta give some credit to paulie p and my mom who jumped in on finishing the second coat when i came down with the flu. you know it’s bad when i pass over the brush. although it took forever, i have to say i enjoyed every bit of it and am thrilled with how it turned out. baby girl better love it! onto the smaller details…  

triangle love

i’ve recently begun a love affair with the triangle. there’s something about the simple geometry and the endless patterns it can create, which the pages of my sketchbook can prove. some particular imagery caught my eye last night and got me in a crafty mood to create something of my own. with the help of my trusty sharpie and some washi tape laying around, i went to town decorating this months diy calendar and am pretty psyched with how it turned out.

making wishes come true

as you may have heard, a certain blonde recently turned the big three-zero. this time last week eris and i were catching a flight to dallas for a surprise visit. however in the mean time, said thoughtful chick deserved a hand crafted gift delivered on her birthday. and what better way to throw any suspected thoughts and/or wishful thinking out the window. i figured i’d try my hands at a crepe paper piñata…numbers none the less (seen here)…rub in the pain in a pretty way.

at roughly 15″ high, they were the perfect size to stuff with small scaled presents. i completely glued them shut with no trap doors or strings to pull, thinking i’d be able to keep her out. i would have stared at them for weeks with anticipation, jess on the other hand couldn’t take the suspense and dug right in! 

p.s. if you were wondering…we got her good when we appeared at her desk friday afternoon!