i love halloween and everything about it. particularly the over used amount of black and everything dark and mysterious. creepy, i know. i tried for weeks to bribe this kid into something spooky, edward scissorhands being at the top of my list. that got me as far as a lengthly inquisitive conversation before bed every night. smart move kim, i know. anyway, animals are this kids jam and pandas are the most popular these days, so we settled for another furry suit this year. she was warm and cozy (and black) and looked stupid adorable alone as well as beside my other much larger bear. we did the usual and made our rounds, and surprisingly the idea of knocking on strangers doors outweighed the act of stuffing a bag with as many treats possible. that said, we stocked up at grandma’s. all of us that is!

logan – three point five










it’s been six months since i’ve documented a thing about this little kid. so out of character i know, and so gut-wrenchingly painful now, half a year later. time really is a bitch. while the three of us are currently so unsettled and desperatly anxious to get back to some sort of structure and routine, there’s also something so comfortable and settling between our little unit that make me want to stay right here in this particular season of life for way longer than i’m offered. such is life.

so here’s what you’ve missed, in particular order 😉

lady had her first haircut. if you can even call it that. i mere centimeter was trimmed in hopes of evening out her mess and encouraging those locks to get a move on. while it’s taken some time, i can report that we’ve finally got some growth! we even toss a top knot in the mix every once and a while.
we went through a phase where logan was overworked which resulted in the response of ‘i can’t, i’m super busy’ when asked to do absolutely anything and everything. and to be honest, we get a much sassier response more recently that we’re constantly working on.
the obsession with stuffies is almost overbearing. every small creature needs a mama and every big beast needs a baby. they’re not only taking over my parents house but the struggle to find space to lie down in bed is so real.
logan hit the scale at 30lbs 15 months ago and hasn’t gained an ounce since. while i question this stunted growth, i honestly wouldn’t mind if she stayed this small forever.
back in june, lo told me i was her ‘favorite girl in life’ where as last week i was told ‘i know you want to be my best friend but you’re not.’ did i already mention she’s sassy?!
she’s also strong willed and determined and beats to her own drum. that said, after a few uninterested prompts at potty training, she pretty much woke up one summer morning and decided diapers were so last year. just like that, gone, done, see ya later.
did i mention baby dolls, including the infamous baby doll, were all dropped like its hot?!
lo became a swifty, like every other chick in america, and mesmorizes me with her memorized lyrics and booty shaking.
lo had the responsibility of ring girl in her aunt laura’s wedding and pulled it off splashingly!
we had our first visit to the pediatric dentist and i was shocked at how interested lo was and still is, in brushing and flossing her pearly whites. that stoic stare and those willy wonka goggles had me at hello.
her tantrums have hit an all time high and if your lucky they typically end with an awesome pile of yack to clean up afterwards. seriously, her determination is out of this world. and if you ask her about it later, she’ll came back at you with a ‘sometimes i just can’t get it together’.
kid would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her.
dressing this fashionista has become questionable these days, as denim and so many other thicker fibers are so uncomfortable. but i kinda can’t blame her. if it were acceptable for me to wear stretch pants on the daily i’d be right by her side. live it up while you can kid.
the amount of hand gestures this kid uses to articulate her stories is absolutely hysterically. of course we egg her on and keep them going way beyond the point of making any sense.
her favorite colors for months have been pink and green, until just recently she’s moved onto red.
she’s currently kind of obsessed with her new cousin maverick and uses the squeakiest voice and pinches her hands together when talking about how small and how cute this new guy is.

so long summer













feeding zoo



summer. when the days are warm and extra long and life seems to pause for a few months time. those are the days! and while we spent the majority of ours organizing, purging and packing our lives into boxes we’ll someday get back to, we made sure to stop and soak up our solidarity while we had it, particularly nooked within the trees of heather road with a few activities scattered in between. i look at these pictures and think we did ok. it’s true what they say, home is where the heart is. until next summer, where a whole new world of adventure awaits us!

nursery – over and out



can we talk about this for a hot minute?! september vs june. the first and last days of logan’s first year of nursery… chub vs lank, shy vs sass, baby vs toddler. how can one tiny human change so much in ten months time? time is a bitch! i mean seriously.


A IMG_5106

B IMG_5108

C IMG_5107

D IMG_5109

E IMG_5113

H IMG_5116

I IMG_5112

J IMG_5111

it was 100 degrees and we were forced out of the house so that strangers could parade through our personal space. doughnuts and dilworth park is where we escaped to. within minutes lo stripped down and ran her booty up and down, around and over, on repeat for what felt like hours. i think we could get used to the concrete jungle!

chapter three









its been quite over here. as in, us ladies have taken a minute or two to step back and focus what free time we have on the more important things. particularly the little people in our lives. or in my case, that not so little anymore person that calls me her best friend. logan turned three a few weeks back and we celebrated in the simplest of ways, partaking in her most favorite activities, surrounded by our families and very best friends. while it feels as though it’s time to hang this space up and move onto whatever’s next, i’m crushed and hesitant for obvious reasons. first: these chicks are my tribe and without them i’d be lost on this adventure through motherhood. good news is, i know where to find them elsewhere! second: this space capsules the beginning of our journey that is logan and i. and while i’m already nestalgic for my baby and thankful i’ve got her story documented right here, it is ONLY just the beginning. the future holds big adventure for us polinsky’s. after all that repeated talk, we’re actually moving to the city. and not the city of brotherly love, a hop skip and jump away. the big apple is calling our names! it’s exhilarating, and terrifying, and excitingly awesome and exhausting all in the same. and although i’m not sure where my internet presence stands, i know i’ve got a story to document somewhere. onto chapter three.
this is black, signing over and out.

monthly mini – logan




Image-1 (2)


Image-1 (3)

the countdown to three is on. i don’t know how we got here so quickly, but i’m thankful it’s been a while since we’ve seen the ugly face of those terrible twos. i can’t remember the last time we had to take a seat and chill or painstakingly listen to shrills long enough to get through a check out line. honestly this past month has been adorably sweet and a tad hard to swallow. it’s evident we no longer have a baby in the house…

lo had her first school performance! while her signing and accompanying gestures were lacking, she nailed the bow. again, and again, and again. i love this kid!

rather than battle it out with her bestie these days, she’s taken to looking after her. after witnessing another bud shove drue, i overheard logan tell him ‘you can’t push her cause she’s my little cousin’.

lo has straight up legitimate phone calls with her aunt laura these days. they get their chat on while lo wanders the house with laura in tow, discussing every babydoll, bison, book and dust bunny in the way.

we’re into dance party’s these days and the moves i witness are pretty ridiculous. shake it off and uptown funk are repeatedly requested.

animals are still the hottest thing going. however rather than obsess over the animated kind, lo is currently smitten with the bears documentary.

chinese is her flavor of choice and when she’s not eating it she’s helping her daddy chop and prepare sous chef style.

pretending is her jam! sometimes she’s a bear. sometimes she’s a mama who has to leave her son (pop) for work. sometimes she’s caring for the baby doll that’s lost and long gone and kept in a ‘bag’ away from leon. and sometimes she misses her baby brother penny.

this kid is no joke. and while i’m slightly sad to see the chub disappear from the shelf of my hip, i’m smitten with the independent little friend now standing by my side. best friend if you ask her.

monthly mini – logan







one : all the heart eyes!

two : apparently ‘target’s boring for kids’. as are most errands according to logan as of late. the days of distracting her with treats and a particular talking tiger are long gone. instead i spend my time anxiously chasing her down between aisles as she attempts to run away from me. fun to say the least. in other words, i’m back to shopping alone. and it’s kind of heavenly!

three : you know those perfect adventures you envision with your little and more often than not they turn out completely different than planed, usually leaving you burned and defeated? my girlfriend pulled out all her magical tricks on this particular outing when she traveled into the city with me for a breakfast date and a quick romp around the new office. i’m still high.

four : we don’t do mornings. period. end of story.

five : a for effort. in both the faking and excuse department of napping. i’ve heard everything from ‘it’s not dark out’ to ‘my neck is hungry’. kid is persistent until she eventually zonks out for the better part of an entire afternoon.

six : february is the month of birthdays which gives us plenty of excuses for making lots of cakes. maybe one too many after hearing logan use the term ‘bunt cake’ last week. seriously?!

seven : any excuse to dress lo in those freaking adorable (thank you blonde) boots i take. i mean come on!

eight : while she may be super spicy and currently gives us a run for our money, she’s just as sweet and innocent all in the same.