black hearts joules







fieldwelly in olive on kim + floral jersey dress on logan

the british based company joules recently jumped the pond making themselves easily accessible to us yankees. good thing, as their prints and patterns are gush worthy and their latest collection has something for everyone. literally! remember our obsessions over stripes, polka dots and bows? joules was awesome enough to send us chicks each a pair of perfectly coordinated wellies along with some adorable threads for our littles. while there may be no puddles to splash in, there’s no reason why we can’t look adorable while adventuring through the backyard. thank you joules for the generous goodies!

i heart – footwear


it’s no surprise i’ve got a thing for footwear. just ask my sister who gasps for air every time she enters my closet. with the current winter weather situation we’ve been faced with here in the northeast, i’ve been grabbing one of these two options more often than not. a waterproof wellie to get me through the slush without breaking my neck and a supple suede mocc to keep me warm + cozy all day long. while saltwaters and bare feet sound lovely, i can live with these must haves for a little while longer. that is as long as there’s pretty snow on the ground!

i heart – plaid

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particularly the buffalo kind. and pairing it with black + white and stripes non the less is right up my alley.  i’m thinking i should stock up while the winter sales are hot!