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it’s been some time since i’ve covered my girl’s essentials. fortunately these days, things are pretty simple and straight forward…she eats, sleeps and plays hard every minute in between. here’s what keeps us all sane.

eat: we originally used an overpriced schmancy highchair, that was actually super convenient as a sleeping pod in the kitchen/dining area during those first few sleepy months, but ended up turning logan into a spastic monster over time. quickly, every meal we tried to eat together turned painfully torturesome. we spent months agonizing over dinnertime and finally bit the bullet and bought something different, the stokke tripp trapp, which i can’t say enough good things about. no more flailing legs and sobbing shrills, as logan loves to pull right up to the table along side us. now choosing to eat vegetables over cake, that’s another battle for a different day.

sleep: we have a bedtime routine that includes a few key players. three to be exact. some i’m ok with and some that unfortunately need to hit the road in the not too distant future. it all starts with an aden + anais sleeping bag that keeps my wiggle monster warm and confined. then in comes the stuffies. you never know how many and who exactly will be included, but there’s never a question that this jellycat ‘rabbit’ isn’t lo’s arms. and lastly, we’ve got paci problems. one mam in her mouth, one mam clenched in her hand, and few thrown about the crib for good measure. none of us are looking forward to kicking this habbit, as we’ve all been sleeping beautifully for the past nineteen months.

play: it doesn’t take much to keep lo occupied during the day. i’m told she got it from me. the girl can read a l l d a y l o n g! for this reason we keep our shelves well stocked and recently added to our collection. however there’s a favorite handful that are in constant rotation. if she’s not reading, she’s usually coloring and these playon crayons are a must have favorite as they double as stacking toys. these ikea stacking rings are hands down the best six dollars spent on a toy. hours have been spent sorting and rearranging these colored blocks and the best part, the stick is rubber so you never have to worry about your mini taking an out eye. while lo could care less about what i dress her in, she sure has an opinion as to what goes on her feet. she’ll choose her hunter wellies rain or shine and when she’s not on the go they occupy her in the house: on, off, repeat. and last but not least, logan still loves her babies and insists on keeping them undressed, so these sonny angle babies are the perfect size to throw in my purse and take on the go.

guide to – seasonal style

2013.10.14 Fall Style

mama: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
mini: 9 / 10 / 11

i live for layering. and since i’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, fall is definitely my season for style. bring on the sweaters, scarves + hats and let’s not forget about accessorizing the parts that don’t need covering up just yet. i say the more the merrier! and while i’m at it, i prefer to stay true to the season and stand by a muted palette. the monochromatic loves above include a few things i wouldn’t mind layering on myself and of course a few little things for my mini.

little bunnies


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

since we’re too little for sweets this year, the easter bunny plans on leaving a variety of floppy long eared friends behind. no matter what shape + size they come i’m sure we’ll love them as if their our own. here’s hoppin’.

a new love


my heart grew a teeny bit larger last night. ok, that’s a lie, it down right exploded. i was fortunate enough to stand along side my little sis and her husband as their teeny sweet babe entered the world. it took me back to a place that felt like just yesterday. the pure happiness and raw love in their eyes is something i’ll never forget. little miss drue rose has forever changed this special duo. she’s a lucky lady to call these two her parents, as i’m a blessed auntie to call all three of them my family.

mini favorites

surprisingly enough, we’ve found that the older logan gets the less equipment she requires on a daily basis. give her a bag of wipes, a remote controller and plenty of floor space and she’s good for hours. these are a few of our favorite, most recent purchases during this stage of the game.

1. mam mini cooler teether with clip – perfect for sore gums, this teether has a cooler-less handle so as not to freeze mini fingers and a clip that keeps everything clean from constant drops on the not so tidy floor.

2. plum organics super puffs – not only do babies love these treats but they make for the perfect distraction when you’re out + about and on the verge of a meltdown.

3. britax marathon convertible car seat – new to us, as our legs keep growing, so far this seat has proven to be super comfortable and most importantly highly rated on the safety meter.

4. skip hop bath spout cover – a must when your little starts roaming the cast iron tub.

5. 7am enfant le sac igloo – warmest thing ever. hands down, this is getting us through the cold winter months. it easily adapts to the stroller and/or car seat and has the ability to strip down when the temperatures begin to rise. as a bonus, it creates a pretty comfy oasis for snoozing on the move.

6. boon plum dispensing spoon – throw in your purse along side a puree pouch and you’ve got the simplest meal to go. love these!

xmas magic

a few shots of our first christmas as a family of three. it’s true what they say, the holidays are magical with a mini around. we watched the magic unfold before our eyes as lo went bonkers for all the paper, bows and unwrapped presents. i’m already excited for what next year will bring! i think those cheeks have had enough kisses for a lifetime. speaking of cheeks, i better get to them while i can…

for the littles

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

the littles are just as fun to shop for as the ladies in my life. i’ve learned that color, texture and functionality are what interests the mind of a mini. with that said, i think santa may be placing some of these favorites under our tree, while i gift some myself to our special little friends near and far.

baby’s 1st halloween

sandy blew through the east coast and took the power out last week, forcing me to ignore the interwebs and tune into more important things. although the disconnect was lovely, i put my foot down when it came time to trick or treat. sandy wasn’t putting a damper on my baby’s first halloween! chicken little exceeded all our expectations and enjoyed the warmth of that feather pouf onesie. with neighbors, we strolled door-to-door, warmed our faces by the bonfire, and snacked on fall brews, sweat treats and candies. i claim baby’s first halloween to be a success!

mini treats

1 2 3 4 5

something tells me that the holidays might be a bit more magical this year with a mini in the house, which gives me an excuse to decorate our pad and spoil our lady with treats in anticipation of halloween. these are just a few of my favorite spooky finds that have made their way home this month. wednesday can’t some soon enough, as i’ve always had a thing for dressing up. come trick or treat, there’s no doubt you’ll find me in my trusty black tutu and logan as…

little teether

i think it’s safe to say somebody’s begun teething over here. a lovely weekend spent visiting with aunt lolli quickly crashed and burned after her sunday night departure. our usually content little lady has since become the saddest nugget on earth. the tears are laying on thick to the point of making herself sick and we can’t seem to put this chica down without having a major meltdown. my heart is breaking. if it means holding a teether to her mouth and spending another night’s sleep with a baby on my chest, so be it. anything to make this sad girl feel better!