home sweet heather road


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almost 7 years ago to the day, we bought this sweet lil casa on heather road. although charming from the curb, she was an absolute hot mess that soaked up the better part of our free time and definitely all of our dollars during those first few years as newlyweds. we touched every single square foot within her stone walls and then some. and i’m not exagerating when i say we. we made a good team with the additional help from family and friends. i designed and paul executed. nothing was off limits, everything was modernized and some things even fell on the list twice during our run. but damn it, she was so well worth it! and in the end she proved to be the coziest cave in a teeny forest that served the growth of our little family just perfectly.

clean(ing) house


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i’ve noticed a common theme to my pins these days…black + white. while i’ve always had a love affair with the bold contrast, it seems as though times have changed and white is taking center stage. there’s something about spring and the desire to clean house and start fresh. i’m desperately yearning for natural light to flood my interiors. first up, new windows have been ordered for these old stone walls. still on the fence about, painting the walls white. definitely a decision to sleep on and free time to wish for.

logan’s pad

photo by arte vitae

a long while back i shared the inspiration behind our mini’s nursery and then some progress shots along the way to keep you hanging. with logan’s arrival came many appreciated gifts and baby necessities that have quickly filled the space within these four walls. logan’s pad has definitely become the most exciting room of our house and one we love to chill out and play in. to me, it’s all in the details and these are just a few of my favorites…



painting my miniature’s wall took a bit longer than expected! but i guess that comes with the territory of being a perfectionist. an expanding belly didn’t help matters either. i laid out the pattern in cad, drew the lines by hand and went to town with a quarter inch paint brush. nuts, i know. i’ve gotta give some credit to paulie p and my mom who jumped in on finishing the second coat when i came down with the flu. you know it’s bad when i pass over the brush. although it took forever, i have to say i enjoyed every bit of it and am thrilled with how it turned out. baby girl better love it! onto the smaller details…  


being sick while pregnant is the absolute worst. basically you’re left to suck it up and bear on. i’ve got no options but to dream of a cozy unkept bed. any of these would do…
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triangle love

i’ve recently begun a love affair with the triangle. there’s something about the simple geometry and the endless patterns it can create, which the pages of my sketchbook can prove. some particular imagery caught my eye last night and got me in a crafty mood to create something of my own. with the help of my trusty sharpie and some washi tape laying around, i went to town decorating this months diy calendar and am pretty psyched with how it turned out.

black and white

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if you haven’t already been able to tell, i’ve got a thing for stripes. and particularly the contrast between interior black and white lines. in my eyes there’s nothing bolder than a white envelope juxtaposed by distinct black architectural statements. whether horizontal/vertical, below/above, hard/soft, the more the better!   

where the cool babes live

inspiration via

the inevitable question i’m asked these days is, what color are you painting the nursery? and when i answer with gray, the snarls begin. what did you expect! there’s no hiding that bold graphic statements have always hit the spot and it’s known my heart has belonged to black for as long as i can remember. i’ve always envisioned a subtle canvas with a sophisticated palette of rich color, pattern and texture for our babes abode. with an obsession for hand crafted projects and the inspiration of the interior photographed above, a scheme unfolded before my very own eyes…gray walls, black graphics, shag rug, red chair, midcentury finds, fuchsia pops, paper mache, garlands, stripes, patterned threads, woven textures, stuffed creatures… just wait and see!

wear to wall

i swore the words would never come out of my mouth, but i think i’m currently loving me some pink. that is, an intense saturated pink. there’s something surprisingly quirky about the contrast created with a rich red that has me intrigued. from fashion to print, the trend seems to have taken way. my wheels are spinning for a graphic interpretation of my own.