philly flea

2013.05.31the six of us have ventured to brooklyn on several occasions for the one and only…brooklyn flea. we’ve scowered both one hanson in the winter and fort greene in the summer and have plenty of tales to tell. lucky for us (that is a particular four of us) the flea is headed to philly, launching this sunday at the piazza in northern liberties. i’m assuming we’re down to check it out and most definitely bump-ing into brunette and her baby daddy. with over one hundred vendors we’re bound to stumble upon some treasures and if nothing else i’m sure we’ll devour plenty of delicious treats. be good to us philly flea.

somebody that i used to know


like everybody else, we’re crushing on gotye over here. hard. our current favorite is ‘somebody that i used to know’. shocking i know. i’m blasting my kid out in the car, jess is shaking her belly to the beat and eris is spinning records on 3rd. the original video is pretty crafty and eye catching in itself, but it’s the zillions of choreographed dance routines i’m mesmerized by on youtube. my favorites can be seen here, here and here. definitely worth checking out, although i’ll warn you they’re addicting.

i wish i could dance. come to think of it, all 3 of us wish this for ourselves. our moves are less than desirable, but at least we’re silly and have fun trying. it’s friday…have fun and get your dance on!

no he didn’t


ahhhhh! anyone else out there devote two hours of frustration on the bachelor every week? swear to never tune in again? and then find themselves in the same position next monday at eight pm? yeah, that’s me! every single week. every single season. what’s up with this obsession for more!? and what’s up with the horrible decisions these people make?! they hardly ever get it right and then they kill you while they awkwardly rekindle their romance live on a sofa with chris harrison and a crowd of bitter old ladies. silly! i can’t wait to watch emily in may! 

effortlessly chic

if we’re casting our votes, mine goes to kristen wiig. obviously michelle williams knocked it out the park by all means, but if i were headed to the oscars per say, this look is something i’d totally rock. although i’d probably ask j mendel for the black version. some may call it boring, but i think there’s something sexy about her  effortless beauty. who cares what the fashion police say, this confident look is hot! blonde, your vote…