going manual

i became the owner of a canon eos rebel t1i three years ago, and regretfully have been shooting in program mode ever since. in hopes of incorporating some of our own colorful photography into the blog, eris and i took part in project basho this past weekend. their dslr tutorial 1: exposure class provided the basic knowledge we’ll need to take over our cameras. we still need lots of practice, but i think we’ve got the basics down to shoot away. i’ve stared at this cheat sheet i stumbled upon awhile back, forever now, but i might be able to say i actually understand the thing now (well kind of). it’s definitely getting printed and taped to my side from here on out!

and just for kicks, have you seen this beauty?! i die.

snap on it

there’s something about capturing the day-to-day that puts a smile on my face when looking back on the past year. inspired by various iterations of project 365, i ambitiously set out to snap at least once a day with hopes of collaging an entire year. half way through, a certain little bump in the road brought my project to a halt. this year, i’m on it! i’m joining my virtual friends and taking part in the PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE #janphotoaday via instagram. bring it, 2012!