according to – kim


we bundled up and left the house sunday morning with two objectives: find a christmas tree and attempt to shoot our little elf for our holiday card. we accomplished both, although it wasn’t easy (wink). this babe is none stop and asking her to sit still is nearly impossible. regardless, we had a wonderful wintery adventure amongst a sea of trees. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, this really is the most wonderful time of year and logan adds a whole new level of magic to our days.


^ if only our ceilings were that much taller ^


^ enamored by the concept of the snow-globe ^


^ my north pole ^


^ we played tug-of-war and had a meltdown over putting this broom back in the general store. grandmom to the rescue. ^


^ wreaths for days ^


^ documenting this wild child has become a blur ^


^ if i had the room i would have taken them all home ^


^ we sealed our date with a cider doughnut of course ^

4 Responses to “according to – kim”

  1. blonde

    i would like to receive the montage of logan at the top in my mailbox, please.
    and, thank you for letting me get a glimpse of the most wonderful place on earth.

  2. Liz

    who isn’t mesmerized by a snow globe! and yes, I completely understand the concept of blurry photos and toddlers.


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