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it’s a new year, which typically brings on a tap of the ‘restart’ button and fresh thoughts. set resolutions have never been my style. i’m more of the state-the-obvious, consciously work at it and eventually forget-all-about-it kind of girl. come september i’m often questioned (by my other half) ‘what was that resolution again’? but this year feels different. and i honestly owe it to those two final weeks of complete shut down. as always, life got pretty chaotic that last quarter and my level of anxiety became paralyzing. turns out, intentionally shutting off and essentially recharging is just what my sole craved. so no resolutions for 2014, rather a word to live by, day in and day out.
SIMPLIFY and let go. completely across the board. i need to say no more often than not. i need to surrender control and accept help from others. i need to pass tasks off to the professionals. i need to purge the unnecessary and live by quality over quantity. i need to disconnect regularly. i need to appreciate the mundane. and most importantly i need to breath, relax, play hard, get dirty and laugh lots! in other words, become completely self absorbed and do what feels right for me; rather us. it sounds selfish, but i gotta do what i gotta do. i feel good. i’m making 2014 count. let’s do this! (paulie, hold me to it).

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