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paul + logan. breaking my heart on the daily. going into this whole parenting thing blind, i had no idea what to expect. my guy had never really been around babies and had never even held one in his arms until lo came along. it’s true what they say, it all comes naturally once they’re your own. i’ve got proof. this guy of mine has been rocking parenthood for almost two years now. i on the other hand have been surrounded by little people my whole life, and most days i think he’s got this thing down better than i do. he makes it look easy. he’s laid back, he’s patient, he’s present, he’s fun and he exudes compassion. logan’s completely smitten. initially i ruled her world and it pulled at his heart strings as he waited his turn. today i get glares of panicked insanity when he can’t put her down. honestly, i don’t think either of us would have it any other way. these two have something going on and together the three of us are making quite a nice team. settling into these roles wasn’t the easiest journey. we’ve made it out alive and i’m pretty proud of where we’re at. we’re content and in love and i think it’s safe to say this little girl has maxed out our hearts and changed us forever.

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  1. momo

    I love the pics, and I love every word you said with this post, isn’t is amazing that we do not know just how much love our heart can hold until we have a child to add to our family/life………

    • black

      momo, you’re heart must be exploding surrounded by all those sweet little ladies of yours!


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