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we flew south last week to visit with family in florida. this was logan’s seventh + eight flights and we haven’t flown in almost a years time. while she costs a pretty penny these days and needs a ton of entertainment, flying with a toddler was cake. the season of wrangling a baby on our laps and shushing over loud cries is over. (for now at least). our days were spent in the sun by the water and our nights on the patio with bbq and cold brews. pretty perfect if you ask us. we did however make a slight detour. with a small toddler in tow and the magic kingdom a car ride away, it only seemed right to make a quick trip to the happiest place on earth. it was magical! even through the painstaking heat, vetoed stroller meltdowns and constant requests for the infamous paci. our girl rocked it as long as her little body possibly could. she met the mouse himself and was baffled that ‘big mickey don’t talk’. she gushed over merida’s gorgeous locks and asked where the ‘little teddy’s’ were. she was chosen as boo on the big screen at the monster inc laugh floor and stole the audiences hearts when she played along and followed mike’s ques. and she made all my disney dreams come true when she sat by my side in awe of all the children around the globe and left singing ‘it’s a small world’. while i had high hopes of savoring every last minute and sticking it out until the park closed, this trip proved just how magical this place is with a kid and i’m already excited to return for more. maybe mid-winter next time.

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  1. Aunt Laura

    It was a magical trip in all. Loved that she met a little friend that was “so tiny and so cute”. She was a true water baby, loving the beach and pool. Mid winter next time for sure. Gary is looking forward to it. And we will be sure to have an ample supply of chocolate bunnies!


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