currently – black


currently snowing: again. right this very minute! while most get all frazzled about the weather wreaking havoc on their day-to-day, i welcome the beautiful white silence with open arms. if it’s going to be cold and grey, the ground might as well be covered giving me a real reason to bundle up and be lazy at home. which reminds me of where i’d rather be on this blistering cold day.

currently consigning: my little girls wears that have made their way through her little cuz and back again. of course i’m holding onto my most favorite and sentimental threads, and the sorting is bringing out my nostalgic ways, but who am i kidding, the next kid is gonna need a new wardrobe of his/her own.

currently obsessed: with the rainbow loom. embarrassing i know. but a particular friend is superb at gifting and has brought out the 10 year old in me. i’m keeping things sophisticated with a monochromatic palette and challenging weaves (thanks to a mature pair of little sisters) and i purchased myself a storage box this weekend cause a girl can’t help but be color coordinated and organized.

currently itching: to create. while i’m usually battling the winter blues right about now, this season seems to be different. i’m welcoming the chance to slow down and catch up and have actually found some free time with absolutely no commitments to fill. my pinterest diy board has been stagnantly sitting and i feel it’s time to keep calm and craft on!

currently watching: girls. it’s brutally honest and raunchy and i love it. i’m vicariously living the young single nyc girl life through the lives of these 4 lost soles and it makes me smirk all 30 minutes long.

2 Responses to “currently – black”

  1. momo

    precious pictures, love all of them
    but especially the one w/ her tongue sticking out . 🙂
    when our Ava was around this age, she was always doing this, I took tons of pictures of her and made a collage of them!!!!!

  2. blonde

    i didnt even realize girls was back. now i know what i’ll be doing with a couple of matt-free nights next week.


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