currently – black


currently cleaning: spring style. in other words, i purge the crap out of our unnecessary ish and my dude hauls it to the dumpster. we make for a good team. we’re halfway through the house and it already feels magical.

currently pushing: ten push ups! which i know is barely nothing, but these scrawny arms of mine couldn’t do one a few months back. peer pressure and late nights are paying off these days.

currently trapping: whatever it is that’s been scurrying across the attic floor come midnight. might i add that said floor is directly over our bed and makes for some interesting shenanigans on a somewhat nightly routine these days.

currently adoring: the little love affair between those two striped cuties. lo had endless kisses and a watchful eye over that cute dude this past weekend. fine by me kid, cause i’ve got a soft spot for that guys parental unit as well.

currently reading: here comes the easter cat. again and again and again. good thing the illustrations are adorable and the story is witty, said so by my little book monster herself who giggles every time that silly cat takes off. even better, the story ends with an ‘oh, good grief’!

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