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currently may

currently giddy: from the weekend i got to spend alone with my better half. little miss lo headed to the beach while paulie and i stayed put and explored philly like the good old days. we missed our baby like crazy but enjoyed the uninterrupted attention. more reason to book that vacation.

currently downloading: american blogger. all the hoopla aside (cause i’ll wait to form my own opinion) i’m most excited to hear the real ‘voices’ behind so many ladies i’ve admired and followed over the years.

currently regretting: adding my beloved birkenstocks to the donate pile last fall. specifically the pair i bought abroad a few seasons back. they don’t call paris the fashion capital of the world for nothing. duh! guess i’ll be making a few online purchases. at least i know my size.

currently shopping: for a few new home furnishings + accessories. we’ve decided to stay put for the time being and could use a little freshening up. particularly in the rug department. oddly enough, this is no easy task for the designer in me. indecisive is my middle name.

currently encouraging: my dude to pick up his sticks and practice, practice, practice. the former pro in him is itching to give it another try and i can’t stress enough that us girls have his back. next week, the us open qualifier!

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