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june currently

currently enjoying: summertime. as my two year old pointed out last week. realistically we may have nineteen more days to go. but who cares as long as those dreary wet days are behind us. see ya later spring!

currently anticipating: this upcoming weekend filled with college friends from near and far. my beloved texans are coming to town, which means a long winded lady date is in order, along with another dear friend close to my heart that i don’t see nearly enough these years, sprinkled with my favorites who stuck around town, all for one big fat (not greek) wedding. these were and still are my people. i can’t wait to giggle my way through the weekend!

currently stoked: to get my weave on come june fourteenth. like super, super stoked! i pulled the trigger and signed up for one of maryanne moodie’s workshops in brooklyn. her work is amazing and i can’t wait to learn a new craft. and better yet, i convinced my brunette to come along for the ride. jackpot!

currently sprucing: an armoire i recently thrifted. i’ve been on the hunt for the prefect piece to complete our spare room and house all my secret weapons. a particular peach beauty called out my name. i foresee her sanded and filled with fibers a plenty.

currently booked: to fly south and get the heck out of dodge. you have no idea how excited i am to shut down in the hot sun on a sandy beach, and how excited lo is to meet the big mouse that resides in the sunshine state. the twenty sixth can’t come soon enough!

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  1. Aunt Laura

    The mouse awaits patiently. Plenty of sun and sand in the south. Pack those bags Polinsky’s! We can’t wait!!!


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