deep in the heart

our best-est of friends moved southwest last year and we miss them like mad on a daily basis. it was time we reconnect and acquaint logan with m+j. and, i just had to get my eyes [and hands] on that belly before it’s too late. that said, we spent this past weekend in dallas. basically we ate, and ate again, and ate some more and giggled like school girls while doing so. and thank heavens logan traveled and tagged along like a rockstar, cause if these two aren’t coming home anytime soon, i see lots of flying in our future. we just can’t live without them! thanks for having all three of us! until november [with the entire clan]…

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  1. blonde

    what a good weekend. sunday we just moped for the rest of the day. now we will spend the next 6.5 weeks hoping and praying for our mini to be at least half as good as logan.


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