earning her wings

i have to admit, the thought of flying with a baby was a bit intimidating. you’re the person everyone stares at while you parade down the aisle, in hopes that you don’t take the seat next to them. although it was scary, we made it! with flying colors! we learned a few tips and tricks along the way… exhibit a: throw a blanket [preferably a large changing mat that won’t suck up all the nasty] on the terminal floor and let your mini sprawl out and make lots of noise before boarding. exhibit b: do everything in your power to sit together [we were lucky enough to have friendly strangers switch around and make this happen] and occupy your mini for as long as possible before takeoff. exhibit c: layer that mini up, making her real warm and cozy. and the minute that aircraft starts moving, start feeding! if you’re lucky [like us] she’ll crash and sleep through the entire flight. i think you’ve passed the test when everyone jumps up to exit the plane and are shocked to see a baby in your arms. we’ll be taking this lady on many more adventures!

3 Responses to “earning her wings”

  1. Dr. LoPresto

    exhibit d: if at all possible let strangers in the bathroom hold your mini

    • black

      correct. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. there was no documentation of this.


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