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2013.09.09 Back To School

i’m a sucker for pretty things with an obsessive compulsive disorder for organization. obviously this hits hard come september. unfortunately lisa frank and trapper keeper are no longer in question, so here are a few things that would make my big girl desk happy…

1 graphic, over scaled, black + white: sold >>> 2 a pretty pop of neon to house my mouse >>> 3 something so sleek encourages me to stay hydrated >>> 4 duh! >>> 5 to stay stylish behind the screen >>> 6 to keep me powered up while blog rolling on the train >>> 7 cause you can never have enough sketch books for ideas on the go >>> 8 this could rock all my wears >>> 9 and if i had a million dollars, i’d commute with this suede beauty slung over my shoulder >>> 10 to find those keys more easily >>> 11 a knot so cool you want to touch it >>> 12 my go-to tool of choice, can’t leave home without one

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  1. brunette

    i’ll take it all. even the items i own + the ones already on my wish list. i’m all for duplicates!


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