guide to – gifts


retail is definitely one of my therapies, so its a good thing this gift giving season coincides with the chaos in my life as of late. as always, i’ve been scouring for all the perfect gifts and have been quite inspired and happy with all my internet purchases. while i cross off my list and check it twice, here are a few of my favorite finds for my girls…circle 21 soy candle > gold glitter letter sticker set > wishbone bottle opener > small leather pouch > linen mercy tee > lidded mini basket > for my guy…body scrub soap-on-a-rope > quarry backpack > usb phone charger > thermos > slouchy beanie hat > plain-toe boots > for my baby…knit pillow > miss flora fox > the cat at night > ice cream set > sweatshirt dress > crayons > rain boots > doll stroller > pillow

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