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linen / flatware / dinnerware / glassware
glassware / linen / dinnerware / flatware

i must confess, thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday for so many reasons: the crisp chill in the air and colorful leaves on the ground, the livelihood of the macy’s day parade and santa coming to town, a crowded house filled with family both old + young, holiday music completing with football fan cheers, warm fires, the obnoxious amount of yummy food to chow on, the delicious smell of warm desserts, giving thanks, pollyanna pickings and the anticipation of christmas madness in full effect come morning…to say the least, thanksgiving totally warms my heart! in our house, there’s too many people to seat around one table, so buffet style it is. grab a plate, snag a seat wherever you can squeeze in and fill your belly as many times as you wish. just the way i like it! and just like our dinner party antics, why not mix + match your wares for a casual yet beautiful cornucopia of color + material + texture. can’t wait!

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