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52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

this has been the month of adventure. two is treating us well and has enabled us to pick up and go for hours on end with no planned agenda. i think we’ve visited more philadelphia attractions in the past 30 days than the past 3 years. on the other hand, two is pushing the desire to add a newborn to the mix farther and farther from our radar. this poor kid may be twelve before she lays hands on a sibling. however, with adventure comes independence, and i’m not yet ready for this baby to turn big girl quite yet. her vocabulary if off the charts, the crib has been converted and pre-school enrollment has been payed for. talk about a punch to the gut. all this change has left me quiet and secretly panicked over how fast time does fly. maybe a new squishy set of thighs isn’t a bad idea after all. just kidding!

things worth remembering about 28 months:

enrolled in ‘pre’ school come september

after frequenting the zoo often this month is obsessed with the bison

painted her piggies for the first time

often asks for turner since our canadian cousins skipped town

wore pigtails for a total of thirty minutes

enjoys a nightly walk around the neighborhood (occasionally costume clad)

packed up all our baby toys and are filling our space with more engaging finds

converted the crib to bed and took the transition like a champ

requests rio + over the hedge

tells us we’re her best friend

visited the philadelphia art museum and painted like monet

joined the scooter gang

devours salmon + corn on the cob

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  1. blonde

    dear logan, preschool is not ready for you. they are going to send you straight to 3rd grade.


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