monthy mini – logan







 52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

conversation with this spitfire should not go unnoted, that’s for sure…

to drue who’s the quietest mouse there ever was – ‘calm down druebie and listen to me’

while doing squats on the bottom step and holding onto the banister – ‘i’m doing my exercising’

when she noticed i put a runner on the dining table – ‘is it my birthday?’

as we pass the obnoxious barking dog every night on our walk – ‘he thinks i’m a cat’

while i was talking to the sitter one morning – ‘stop talking to my friend’

after every spill that could potentially cause tears – ‘i’m ok!’

when she couldn’t open the lid to a toy – ‘i’m frustrated mommy’

while bossing us around – ‘daddy’s the big boss, i’m the little boss, and mommy’s nothing’

to her baby on the way to school – ‘it’s ok bub, it be fun there’

after i torture her every night about her days activities – ‘stop asking me no more questions’

every time we leave lo’s bedroom – ‘we have to shut the door so the big bad wolf can’t get in’

to the mama in the park who’s baby approached lo – ‘we getting a baby at our house soon’

when we discovered we ran out of diapers – ‘oh come on!’

as my stomach was growling – ‘you not hungry, you had dinner last week’

every morning since our stay in brooklyn – ‘we go to my new bedroom in new york city?’

when asked what all the scartches on her thumb were from – ‘playing with the razor mommy shaves her ears and face with’

i could go on for days. and no, i don’t shave my ears and my two year old definitely doesn’t play with razors. you can’t make this *hit up!

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