off topic – 20 things


  1. i’m honest and tell it like it is.
  2. i avoid talking on the phone at all costs. it’s a sick phobia. i’ll text you an entire novel if i have to.
  3. i’m loyal to the jetta. i’m on my third since turning sixteen.
  4. i was cross-eyed as a small kid. they took my eyes out, did some dr stuff, and put them back.
  5. i’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. i could live off of fries alone.
  6. i long to live in the middle of a busy, crowded city. and it’s so not happening anytime soon.
  7. i design interiors for a living yet can’t commit to a single decision when it comes to my own home.
  8. i’m a steel trap and only open up to those i’m close with.
  9. i love style, yet always stick to jeans and a t-shirt.
  10. london stole my heart ten years ago. i’d move back tomorrow if the opportunity arose.
  11. i’m always working on something and have a hard time sitting down to relax.
  12. i’ll write something a thousand times until i like the looks of my handwriting.
  13. i met paulie in the eleventh grade and married him 9 years later.
  14. i’m a perfectionist and work best under pressure.
  15. my nails are always painted. by me.
  16. i obsess over documenting everything. i’m embarrassed by how many different journals i keep.
  17. christmas music makes me happy.
  18. i can’t sleep with a sheet.
  19. they call me baby grace, after my grammy.
  20. i love buying, wrapping and giving gifts. although i’d prefer you open them when i’m not looking.

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  1. momo

    you are beautiful and so is that little princess person in your arms in the picture 🙂


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