paci problems







we did it! we conquered our paci problems and it wasn’t even as painful as i had imagined. to be honest, looking back, maybe it was me who was too afraid to let go. other than the daunting image of my baby heading off to kindergarten with a buck toothed grin, who would choose to give up that magical plug that prevents all public meltdowns from ever standing a chance? i mean seriously! we eased into our big girl status by leaving our sippy cup for santa to take home with him on christmas eve. cause you know there are baby elves in the north pole just dying for some milk of their own! my scheme went off without a hitch and while we’re not drinking nearly as much milk around these parts, our appetite has exponentially grown. go figure!
fast forward two weeks later and i overhear logan telling our babysitter the whole cup situation in great detail and when the sitter asks ‘what about your pacies’ i stop dead in my tracks when i hear lo reply with ‘maybe we can send the babies a package’. seriously kid?! i’ve been trying to pawn those damn things off on every kitten and newborn creature for months now with not a glimmer of hope. i came home from work to find that they’d not only decorated but made paci garland and were waiting for me to help package up a box. is this women brilliant or what?! together logan and i stuffed a box, wrote a note, drove to the post office and delivered the package to be sent to the north pole. my girl shed a few sad tears that night but nothing some extra cuddles couldn’t fix. the next evening i blew the kids mind when a special note from santa, along with a photo of happy little plug-mouthed elves showed up in the mail. totally convinced that she’d made all those little guys happy, we haven’t really heard a peep about any pacies ever since!
clearly, this has reiterated that there’s a time for everything and everyone’s time may not be the same, and that said, i plan on continuing to follow my gut while following logan’s lead. the doctor’s always told me she’s not gonna go off to school in a diaper. or so we think!

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