photo a day

1 peace 2 skyline 3 something i wore today 4 fun! 5 bird 6 me 7 someone that inspires me 8 a smell i adore 9 something i do every day 10 a favorite word 11 kitchen 12 something that makes me happy 13 mum 14 grass 15 love 16 what i’m reading 17 snack 18 something i made 19 a favorite place 20 something i can’t live without 21 where i stand 22 pink 23 technology 24 something new 25 unusual 26 12 o’clock 27 something sweet 28 the weather today 29 a number 30 your personality 31 something beautiful

i can’t believe may is long gone and we’re into june already. time is flying! here’s hoping the summer months slow down enough to enjoy the sun.

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  1. ann

    I admire your dedication. I have attempted two different months to keep up with full intentions of completing the project. Sadly, neither month did make it much past one week. It makes me sad, because I really want to do it. I know I said I admire your dedication, but really I am jealous!! I love your photos of the day.


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