photo a day

seriously? it’s time to look back on the past month already! i’m a little weepy that the year is coming to an end so soon, however i have to admit i look forward to wrapping up december’s daily photo and calling it a day. i’m excited to take the subject matter back into my own hands. until then, i’m putting my best eye forward and making this my most favorite compiled month yet. here’s your very last chance to join me. and seriously, you can do it!

3 Responses to “photo a day”

  1. ann

    Oh my goodness, it’s my favorite time of the month. I love seeing the month’s collection all together at one time!

  2. Ashley

    Seriously. So impressive and inspiring! You ladies are making us all look bad. I’m kidding! I just love your ideas and daily blogs! Keep blogging ladies! Xoxo


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