photo a day

unlike my counterparts (ugh hum), i’m still committed to and going strong on the photo challenge a day. i’m determined to post all 365 images this year. this is my daily interpretation of april’s topics…

1 my reflection 2 color 3 mail 4 someone who makes me happy 5 tiny 6 lunch 7 shadow 8 inside my wallet 9 younger me 10 cold 11 where i ate breakfast 12 stairs 13 something i found 14 how i feel today 15 sunset 16 flower 17 something i don’t like 18 hair 19 orange 20 something you drew 21 bottle 22 the last thing you bought 23 vegetable 24 something i’m grateful for 25 looking down 26 black + white 27 somewhere i went 28 1pm 29 circle 30 something that makes me sad

today starts a new challenge, may. you can follow my day to day through instagram, @kimpolinsky. and if you’re up for it, play along! be sure to include your whereabouts in a comment below. happy shooting!

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  1. Ann

    You have inspired me to be more diligent at keeping up the photo of the day. I love the concept, but have a tendency to get lazy…..I mean overworked and behind!


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