a new love


my heart grew a teeny bit larger last night. ok, that’s a lie, it down right exploded. i was fortunate enough to stand along side my little sis and her husband as their teeny sweet babe entered the world. it took me back to a place that felt like just yesterday. the pure happiness and raw love in their eyes is something i’ll never forget. little miss drue rose has forever changed this special duo. she’s a lucky lady to call these two her parents, as i’m a blessed auntie to call all three of them my family.

photo a day

and that’s a wrap folks! while i dragged my feet and complained some along the way, i have to say it is nice to a have a consecutive year in photographs to look back on. i’m still toying with ideas on how to compile the collection. suggestions are welcome! i’ve decided to sit this year out and post images that truly inspire me and capture our daily life. feel free to follow along…you can find me as username kimpolinsky on instagram.

xmas magic

a few shots of our first christmas as a family of three. it’s true what they say, the holidays are magical with a mini around. we watched the magic unfold before our eyes as lo went bonkers for all the paper, bows and unwrapped presents. i’m already excited for what next year will bring! i think those cheeks have had enough kisses for a lifetime. speaking of cheeks, i better get to them while i can…

signing off

photo via

it’s been one crazy incredible 2012 and before it’s over in the blink of an eye, i’m signing off to enjoy the most wonderful time of year. wishing you and yours the most merriest christmas!

winter wonderland

i’ve been pining for a visit to terrain ever since reading + drooling over brunette’s post here and just haven’t found time to make a visit. this past weekend we found ourselves with an unplanned schedule and the need for a xmas tree…and then the light bulb went off. you can’t ask for a more magical time of year to visit this cozy winter wonderland. the people of anthropology know how to do it up, down to every last teeny detail and decoration. bon fires, pine needles, twinkle lights, hot drinks, holiday music and good company kept us occupied for a few hours while we cruised in awe of all the delicious decorations. it was the absolute perfect afternoon with my most favorite people.

photo a day

seriously? it’s time to look back on the past month already! i’m a little weepy that the year is coming to an end so soon, however i have to admit i look forward to wrapping up december’s daily photo and calling it a day. i’m excited to take the subject matter back into my own hands. until then, i’m putting my best eye forward and making this my most favorite compiled month yet. here’s your very last chance to join me. and seriously, you can do it!

remembering a special dude

sunday morning, brunette and i joined team peloton 65 in the annual lemon run put on by alex’s lemonade stand foundation in support of the fight against childhood cancer. this event is near and dear to my heart, as this is the second year we’ve gathered as a team to walk in memory of one special little dude, thomas. every year in canada, roughly 65 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma and thomas just so happened to be one of those children diagnosed in 2007. he fought the disease with immense courage and bravery (and the cutest damn smile) until he lost his battle last september. our family near and far thanks everyone who participated and supported this special event.

photo a day

october kicked off fall with a bang. we spent the majority of its thirty-one days introducing logan to our most favorite time of year. november brings yet another month of new traditions to be thankful for. happy snapping!

baby’s 1st halloween

sandy blew through the east coast and took the power out last week, forcing me to ignore the interwebs and tune into more important things. although the disconnect was lovely, i put my foot down when it came time to trick or treat. sandy wasn’t putting a damper on my baby’s first halloween! chicken little exceeded all our expectations and enjoyed the warmth of that feather pouf onesie. with neighbors, we strolled door-to-door, warmed our faces by the bonfire, and snacked on fall brews, sweat treats and candies. i claim baby’s first halloween to be a success!