monthly mini – logan







one : all the heart eyes!

two : apparently ‘target’s boring for kids’. as are most errands according to logan as of late. the days of distracting her with treats and a particular talking tiger are long gone. instead i spend my time anxiously chasing her down between aisles as she attempts to run away from me. fun to say the least. in other words, i’m back to shopping alone. and it’s kind of heavenly!

three : you know those perfect adventures you envision with your little and more often than not they turn out completely different than planed, usually leaving you burned and defeated? my girlfriend pulled out all her magical tricks on this particular outing when she traveled into the city with me for a breakfast date and a quick romp around the new office. i’m still high.

four : we don’t do mornings. period. end of story.

five : a for effort. in both the faking and excuse department of napping. i’ve heard everything from ‘it’s not dark out’ to ‘my neck is hungry’. kid is persistent until she eventually zonks out for the better part of an entire afternoon.

six : february is the month of birthdays which gives us plenty of excuses for making lots of cakes. maybe one too many after hearing logan use the term ‘bunt cake’ last week. seriously?!

seven : any excuse to dress lo in those freaking adorable (thank you blonde) boots i take. i mean come on!

eight : while she may be super spicy and currently gives us a run for our money, she’s just as sweet and innocent all in the same.

monthly mini – logan







dressing, as anna : playing, up high, down low, in the middle too slow! : watching, the lion king : infatuated, by you tube videos of the big bad wolf : prefers, to sip her water from a shot glass : gaga, over horses : swears,  footed jammies make her fast : asks, for a lollipop and/or candy cane morning, noon and night : requests, a ‘shamwhich’, apples, fish and water for every meal : loathes, taking a bath : refuses, naps but eventually caves : wrestles, the bison : questions, ‘how your day was?’ : refers, to every meal as breakfast : says, ‘thank you’ three thousand times a day

paci problems







we did it! we conquered our paci problems and it wasn’t even as painful as i had imagined. to be honest, looking back, maybe it was me who was too afraid to let go. other than the daunting image of my baby heading off to kindergarten with a buck toothed grin, who would choose to give up that magical plug that prevents all public meltdowns from ever standing a chance? i mean seriously! we eased into our big girl status by leaving our sippy cup for santa to take home with him on christmas eve. cause you know there are baby elves in the north pole just dying for some milk of their own! my scheme went off without a hitch and while we’re not drinking nearly as much milk around these parts, our appetite has exponentially grown. go figure!
fast forward two weeks later and i overhear logan telling our babysitter the whole cup situation in great detail and when the sitter asks ‘what about your pacies’ i stop dead in my tracks when i hear lo reply with ‘maybe we can send the babies a package’. seriously kid?! i’ve been trying to pawn those damn things off on every kitten and newborn creature for months now with not a glimmer of hope. i came home from work to find that they’d not only decorated but made paci garland and were waiting for me to help package up a box. is this women brilliant or what?! together logan and i stuffed a box, wrote a note, drove to the post office and delivered the package to be sent to the north pole. my girl shed a few sad tears that night but nothing some extra cuddles couldn’t fix. the next evening i blew the kids mind when a special note from santa, along with a photo of happy little plug-mouthed elves showed up in the mail. totally convinced that she’d made all those little guys happy, we haven’t really heard a peep about any pacies ever since!
clearly, this has reiterated that there’s a time for everything and everyone’s time may not be the same, and that said, i plan on continuing to follow my gut while following logan’s lead. the doctor’s always told me she’s not gonna go off to school in a diaper. or so we think!

according to – kim










and just like that it’s over. yummy smelling trees litter the sidewalks and we’re already a week into january. i miss it already, cause man this holiday season was more magical than ever! for obvious reasons, and i imagine it only gets more exciting from here. we spent a decent amount of december chasing one christmas extravaganza to another, and while december was filled with record breaking tantrums, looking back i hardly feel the pain. the pain of a two week long sinus infection, now that’s another story cause it’s still lingering. although it completely ruined all plans i dreamt of making happen over our holiday break, it forced us to shut down and relax. remember that wicked path we were headed down that i previously mentioned? yeah, well looking back, i think the kid was on overdrive and craved a week of pajama wearing and toy playing within her own space. cause let me tell you, that wicked monster turned sweet as skittles. and although i wasn’t up for much, it was the perfect amount of enough for lo and i. let this be a lesson to myself that sometimes even the little people get stressed out, over worked and need a break of their own. here’s to more simple days in two thousand and fifteen. that said, the sofa beside the tree is calling my name…cause you damn well know she’s still lit and looking pretty over here!

monthly mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

i’ve lost track of the months. but who’s still counting right?! i am however, well aware that we’re somewhere in the second year. that year that everyone talks so highly of. two is tough! the pull on your emotions, tear your heart out, question your capabilities tough. the show up at nursery school drop-off in tears along side your tantrum throwing toddler tough. we’re having a rough go and i hope the attention of a nice long holiday break will help cure the current madness. good thing she’s cute, otherwise she might have found her way amongst my ebay listings.

currently – black


currently: in the christmas spirit! december screams warmth and socialization and we can’t seem to get enough adventure under our belts. whether we cozy up by the tree at home or take on the city’s lights, the company of each other seems to be all the matters. our shopping is finished and i’m savoring every last minute of this most wonderful time of the year. may your christmas be very merry!

monthy mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

it wasn’t long ago i can remember logan watching me play pretend with a little girl a year or two older than her with a distinct look of confusion on her face as i bought an invisible cheeseburger from said girl and theatrically ate every last bite. her look will forever be ingrained in my memory. i could tell her little mind was in over drive as if to say wt* are you two crazies talking about. can you blame her?! fast forward to last weeks two and a half year checkup, when logan’s doctor asked if her accompanied doll could talk and she responded with a ‘she’s just pretend.’ i blushed while he told us to hit the road, his work was done and he needed to examine my ‘baby’ no further. needless to say, this chicks imagination is on a fast paced tear. not only is it fun to sit back and watch her mind unfold but it’s even more entertaining to join in and egg her imagination on. she’s got a baby she meticulously tends to and insists we don’t wake up. she’s got a pal named hiccup, who looks like daddy but is a kid, and runs off with her cellphone constantly. and she often vacations to the beach where she swims with ‘shawks’. two and a half is silly stupid.

currently – black


currently a year older: as of yesterday.

currently anticipating: the arrival of said birthday present!

currently packing: (well not quite yet) for a little getaway alone with my dude come next week.

currently dreaming: of getting lost in a city with no plans, no responsibilities, and no one but each other (a few exceptions may apply).

currently questioning: my contributions to this space and not sure what 2015 holds.

according to – kim












nothing says fall more than a romp at the old pumpkin patch! we’ve already hit two so far this season, making this family date a tradition and seeking out a different farm each year. so far, i think this was our favorite. there were countless seasonal activities spread amongst acres of corn lined fields that made us feel as though we had the place all to ourselves. i could get lost for hours with these people every weekend if i had it my way!

look at how small my baby was this time last year

monthly mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

logan. she’s adorable. she’s smart. she’s silly. she’s creative. she’s imaginative. she’s two and a half and currently knows all the right buttons to push. particularly mine! motherhood has taken on a whole new light most recently. i thought sleepless nights and finding the right formula were tough. but this, this kicks my egos butt on the daily. by nature i’m laid back and it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. two point five has me ruffled. add a splash of gilt and a constant test of my patience and we’re working up a recipe for disaster. i question when to step aside and let the tantrum play out and when to stand strong and fight the battle at hand. this kid is depending on me to teach her the way and i’m determined to get it right. i’m told it’s her age and this too shall pass. here’s hoping it passes fast and that we can all get back to regular business. here’s hoping i don’t mess us up along the way…

tonight we found ourselves attending our first ‘parent/teacher night’ where both logan’s teacher and the school’s director shared their perspectives on our girl. ‘she’s strong. she’s confident. she’s decisive. she’s a leader.’ and as we sighed in relief i thought, ya know what, we’re all doing ok.

most importantly, she’s ours!